Mold Removal

When homes in Clarksville sustain water damage, remediation services should soon follow in order to reduce the risk of mold growth. Knott’s Property Restoration is a mold removal company that serves the Middle TN area by helping homeowners restore integrity to their residences after the unfortunate instance of a mold infestation. We inspect and test Clarksville properties to identify the extent of exposure, and then treat it using detailed mold remediation methods.

Testing for Mold Removal at Clarksville Residences

While it might seem like needing residential mold removal would be an obvious issue, which is not always the case. Mold can grow in any moist area at an Clarksville establishment, and oftentimes that includes spots that are not immediately visible, like behind furniture, under flooring, or within the walls. A detailed inspection is needed in order to find invisible exposures so we can know all the details before making a residential mold remediation plan. Testing may find that mold remediation work is required long before a Clarksville property owner realizes it, and catching it quickly means that big bucks can be saved on a mold removal project.

Clarksville Residential Mold Remediation

Our process for residential mold removal involves many steps in order to ensure that Clarksville properties are 100% free of fungi. The first thing we do for an Clarksville mold remediation job is quarantine the area to make sure the contamination is isolated and will not spread to any other parts of the space. We vacuum and dry the area to stop the source of mold, which is moisture, then set up a system of fans and air scrubbers to sanitize the air. Our mold removal staff then scrubs every affected surface at the Clarksville space with heavy-duty detergents to remove any visible signs of the growth.

Clarksville Contractors For Mold Remediation Jobs

When it’s determined that a mold problem is beyond cleaning up, our residential mold remediation team will use abatement methods to get the Clarksville property restored. This entails examining each surface at a space to determine what can be fixed with structural repairs as opposed to what needs to be removed and or replaced. Oftentimes things like walls and cabinetry can be remediated with the help of a contractor, while things like carpeting and furniture need to be taken out and discarded. Our mold remediation experts can also reconstruct any parts of a property that had to be demolished during residential mold removal.